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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are they frostproof

A. Because of the bronze coating they do react with the weather and can, as solid bronze, develop a verdigris.  This can be cleaned off if required by using a small "wash up" sponge dwith a rough side to it. This will highlight the metal.

A. We can ship most of the items almost anywhere worldwide but naturally costs can vary enormously. The larger items have to be crated and this can be very expensive.

A. No, they would be too heavy to send therefore, it is best for each customer to source their own from wood yards, reclamation yards or from websites selling pedestals or planters.

A. Pumps can be bought at local garden and aquatic centres, but we can advise on the size of pump for a particular sculpture, i.e. gallons per hour.

A. Do not use strong detergents or chemical cleaners as this will destroy the patination.  It is advisable to polish them with pure bees wax once or twice a year.

A. The scuptures are made with a threaded nut encapsulated in the base and each piece is supplied with a threaded rod which can then screwed into the base and the sculpture can then be fixed into a pedestal or pushed into the ground to give it stability.