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About Us

Many thanks for your interest in my sculptures

I wanted to produce sculptures for the garden that were different from the usual with an added dash of humour. My main interest is in the form of the subject rather than the fine detail, as a result, the sculptures are fairly smooth and very tactile. I have designed and built this collection of sculptures over the last few years, which includes primitive heads, gargoyles, rather strange owls, animals and many others.

Cycladic Spill Garden Sculpture Water FeatureSituation

Some of the larger pieces, such as the Ionic Head and Eccentric Head, can be used as a main focal point in the garden. Others can be displayed in an area where they can be discovered amongst foliage, therefore, finding the right setting can definitely enhance a particular sculpture.

New Designs

I was influenced to make the sculptures, called the “Cycladic Spirit”, after visiting the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, where I was intrigued by their simple forms and was inspired to give my interpretation of these remarkable Bronze Age sculptures which date back 3000 years BC.


We have a number of designs that are sculptures in their own right, but can also incorporate water if desired. Apart from the visual attraction, the sound and volume of water is also important and is very much a personal preference. We can help with pumps, fitting and lead troughs for the various water features.

The Material

Bronze resin, which has been used in sculpture for over 40 years, is made up of bronze powder mixed with resin and a catalyst to make a solid, durable and frost proof material. The surface patination is skillfully applied using various chemicals, which react with the bronze. Sculptures placed in the garden do dull down over time but can be polished back to show their bronze highlights.

The sculptures are only available from us, except for a couple of selected garden galleries, so please contact us if you have any further questions regarding a particular piece. A number of the sculptures are now being cast in bronze for 2009.

We exhibit at the RHS flower shows at Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park in Cheshire. Alternatively we have many of the sculptures on display in our garden during the summer months. Anyone wishing to visit us would be most welcome, but it is important to phone in advance.

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